As all has a story, we have our own too, Atabaat Advertising has long history of sharing success and creativity, the agency which has been born in 2016 as a creative digital advertising agency dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising campaigns, has proved all over the years the special innovative stamp it possess. Throughout its history, Atabaat has been the key factor in many successful stories by adopting state of the art creative advertising insights and technology based solutions. On the other hand, thanks to God alone, we have helped hundreds of foundations grow and increase profits


  • To be an integrated digital advertising agency that shares creativity and innovation to provide brands with strategic marketing insights, strategic marketing planning and strategic creative solutions.


  • ATABAAT is about sharing creativity and innovation inspiring digital advertising solutions for our clients while entertaining their customers.


Okay, to make it simple think of it like a snow ball, it keeps growing and never stops, and it starts with the “Share”, first you share us your dreams, your aspirations or even your problems, then we “Share” these among our creatives, they in turn “Share” their thoughts and ideas, create solutions and innovations which we then “Share” back with you. Then what?! You “Share” what we “Share” with you with your customers. So they “Share” it together, and finally your market “Share” flourish and win.